Filling systems for wine, sparkling wine, and alcohol-free wine in glass bottles

Filling systems for wine, sparkling wine, and alcohol-free wine in glass bottles

Gentle, hygienic filling of wine, sparkling wine, and alcohol-free wine in glass bottles

Good to know

A sensitive beverage like wine positively demands gentle and hygienic filling.

With our modern, robust filling systems for wine, sparkling wine, and alcohol-free wine we can satisfy this requirement.

Designed for multi-shift operation, this system gives you high machine availability. What you get is a modular glass bottling setup with flexible volumes of 0.187 to 1.5 liters per bottle and filling rates of up to 30,000 bottles per hour.

From glass bulk depalletizing via filling, labeling, packaging, and palletizing to the necessary inspection equipment, we can supply you with a complete line from a single source.

The focal point of our wine filling system is the energy-efficient, low-consumption Innofill Glass DNRT bottler. Its tubular ring bowl allows optimum interior cleaning of the ring bowl and filler, providing extremely hygienic filling conditions. The filling process is gentle to the product with a low oxygen pickup and minimum CO2 loss. Thanks to the Trinox process developed by KHS you profit from high-precision, automatic fill level correction which is essential when processing natural corks in particular.

The Innopro Getra ECO system is used for filtration which operates with a practical precoat candle filter. The bottles are palletized by the intelligent, robotic Innopal PBN system. The tried-and-tested Innopack PPZ and Innopack Kisters WP packers ensure product-friendly packaging.

Well thought out

With this filling system you are not only assured quality and efficiency but also durability and reliability. Service lives of over 30 years, with machines running at full capacity, are not uncommon. The Trinox system from KHS also gives you extremely precise fill levels. Thanks to the combination of innovative KHS process components you can also look forward to the greatest possible flexibility, with the modular design allowing the system to be expanded and converted and all format parts light and quick to change.



  • Hygienic design criteria provide optimum hygiene conditions
  • Designed to last with a maximum service life
  • Minimum effort required for cleaning

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