Systems for filling wine in non-refillable kegs

Systems for filling wine in non-refillable kegs

Product-friendly and space-saving filling of wine in non-refillable kegs

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While wine experts place maximum demands on the quality and taste of fine wines, producers and the hospitality trade place more emphasis on space-saving, easy-to-handle containers. This is not necessarily a contradiction: Our product-friendly, hygienic, and practical systems for filling wine in disposable kegs help you to find an ideal way of combining consumer and hospitality trade requirements and thus open new markets. 

Designed for multi-shift operation, this system offers high machine availability. You will receive a flexible system that is capable of filling wine optionally in standard 20- or 30-liter kegs made of PET - what are known as Petainer® kegs. At maximum capacity, this system is able to fill up to 240 kegs per hour.

From stretch blow molding through filling, incoding, packaging, and palletizing to the necessary inspection equipment, we offer you complete one-stop shop lines.

The high process precision of the stretch blow molder ensures that the disposable kegs are reliably fed to the subsequent production process.

The center of the filling line is the Innokeg PETBoy F2 keg system that offers you filling technology equipped with two independently operating filling heads for optimum product and filling results. The exactly operating volumetric filling method minimizes product loss. The multiple-axis-controlled Innopal RK articulated robot with a 360-degree working radius conveys the disposable kegs fully automatically to the filling system and from there into the respective packaging. 

Well thought out

The containers are space-saving in design and are considerably lighter than glass bottles. This concept offers advantages in handling especially for the table wine segment of the hospitality trade where wine is often served in decanters. The material weight alone is only a few hundred grams depending on the size of the keg. With the 100% recyclable Petainers, odors from empty wine bottles become a thing of the past. The quality of the product inside the disposable kegs is of course retained without restriction. This wafer-thin barrier coating made of SiOx (glass) hermetically seals the container to protect the wine against oxygen pickup and loss of CO2 and water vapor. Wine keeps almost as long as in glass bottles.


  • Perfect product for opening new segments
  • Maximum weight and space savings
  • Freshness guarantee thanks to high-tech barrier coatings



  • Barrier coating and brown pigmentation for good storage capabilities and maintaining product quality
  • Optimum hygienic conditions during filling 
  • Profit from low filling and logistics costs

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