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Martens Brewery from Belgium is opening up new avenues with Direct Print Powered by KHS™. To help promote a new film and the TV actors involved the brewery has launched a new beer to market where there's more to the packaging than meets the eye.

Digital micromarketing – the dawn of a new age

KHS' successful cooperation with Martens demonstrates the benefits the new Direct Print Powered by KHS™ technology offers beverage producers. The development, which recently won the German Design Award in combination with Nature MultiPack™, not only allows bottlers to be more sustainable in their production by doing away with labels but to also open up completely new avenues when it comes to marketing.

Digital direct print technology permits PET bottles to be individually and simply designed with a high resolution and 360° dressing, for example for collectors' series, sponsoring purposes, corporate events or targeted local advertisement in store. The innovative process also shortens the lead time to market from several weeks to a few minutes. Using this system graphics can be quickly changed and decoration flexibly adapted, giving companies a clear competitive edge. This means introducing a completely new medium which integrates customers into our increasingly digital world – as Martens Brewery has impressively illustrated with its app campaign.

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Outstanding communication design meets sustainable packaging

Martens' new Dagschotel beer is filled into PET bottles which thanks to Direct Print Powered by KHS™ have no need for labels. The innovative process prints all information straight onto the bottle in true color. FreshSafe PET® technology is also used which covers the inside of the PET bottles with a protective layer of silicon oxide (ultra-thin, flexible, pure glass), thus preventing oxygen from penetrating the bottle and extending the shelf life of Dagschotel beer. As a special feature of the new brand beer Martens has developed an app (Android and iOS) for marketing purposes which allows users to 'bring the bottles to life'. As soon as a cell phone camera focuses on the Dagschotel bottle, the actors portrayed on the container start to speak.

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