Product protection 2.0 thanks to FreshSafe PET®

There is now a new aseptic filling system which, combined with an ultra-thin layer of glass in the PET bottle, ensures top product and vitamin protection. Its name: FreshSafe PET®. The benefits of this innovative KHS technology now not only have beverage producers convinced but consumers, too. Turkish beverage producer Doganay is the first company to specifically advertise the protective glass barrier in its PET bottles on its markets, calling it „CAMPET“ (English: „GLASSPET“).

Doğanay is one of the leading beverage manufacturers in Turkey. Not so long ago the company opted for KHS as its strong partner – a decision which has helped Doğanay become a distinctive brand. In doing so, the company can rely on over 20 years of KHS expertise in aseptic technology, just recently ordering no fewer than three aseptic lines from the filling and packaging systems supplier in Dortmund, Germany.

One big advantage of the line is the integrated KHS InnoPET Plasmax machine. This machine coats the insides of the PET bottles with an ultra-thin layer of pure glass. The result is FreshSafe PET®. The innovative coating process combines all the benefits of PET and glass bottles. The bottle handling stays the same, with bottles light and unbreakable. The thin layer of glass protects the product and also ensures that it keeps longer – naturally with the same high quality and excellent vitamin and flavor protection.

The Turkish beverage producer not only profits from this unique type of packaging but also from the line‘s great flexibility and its in-line roll-fed labeler and shrink packer. This gives the customer a more sustainable form of packaging for its products which are attractively presented at the point of sale.

The company owners, the two brothers Rafet and Remzi Doğanay, are very pleased with their new aseptic line and want to share this with their customers. They thus launched an advertising campaign, in which they specifically highlight the benefits of their new glass/PET bottles. Besides staging three elaborate TV campaigns the brothers have also used social media as a communication channel with huge success; within the space of a few weeks the company had several thousand followers on Facebook and Twitter. Doğanay Gıda also posted the film sequences on YouTube where they have had over 350,000 views.

The main benefits of FreshSafe PET® at a glance
  • A wafer-thin layer of glass in the PET bottle protects the product from vitamin loss and extends its shelf life
  • The bottles are crystal clear thanks to the fully transparent coating for perfect product presentation at the point of sale
  • All coated PET bottles can be fully recycled
  • The advantages of the light, unbreakable PET bottle are retained.
Aseptic filling
  • Microbiologically impeccable filling ensures the safe and reliable protection of sensitive products
  • The unique room-within-a-room concept is convincing with its high level of safety and reliability and ease of operation
  • Dry sterilization saves valuable water resources as opposed to wet sterilization
  • Maximum flexibility in the processing of different bottle formats and batches is a given
  • Flexible processing of various bottle formats for consumerfriendly packaging sizes

Convincing: the new glass/PET bottle with its own specially developed CAMPET seal.


  • Founded: 1960
  • One of the leading beverage manufacturers in Turkey
  • Product range: fruit and vegetable beverages
  • Main brand: Salgam (juice made of fermented red turnips) – market share of 95%
  • Sales volume in 2013: about 40 million liters
  • 35% of production is exported to over 30 countries worldwide
  • Numerous awards: FAO (United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization) Award, Fine Agriculture Applications Inspection and Certification, ISO 220000, ISO 9001, HACCP and TSE certification

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„Doğanay Gıda has pursued a strict policy of quality since it was founded. The aseptic KHS lines with integrated Plasmax technology help us to implement this policy in every respect.“

Rafet Doğanay, owner of Doğanay and responsible for sales and marketing