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The question at the beginning of a new product is always: does the shape determine the content or does the content determine the shape? With the innovative Bottles & Shapes program from KHS you no longer have to look for an answer. This program cleverly combines convincing bottle design with perfect functionality, marketing with technology. Just a little information is all that is needed to offer you individually adapted solutions that harmonize your marketing ideas with your technical requirements. The result is always particularly lightweight, brilliant, premium plastic bottles that have been tested in our own laboratories.

Our fully developed technology is able to produce 2,250 bottles per hour per cavity.Lightweighting in the production of 0.1 – 3.0-liter bottles made of PET, R-PET, HDPE, and PE is the core competence of our more than 40 years of expertise in stretch blow molding and plastic technology. By minimizing the amount of materials used you not only save on raw materials but also lastingly improve your eco-balance.

Well thought out

In each stage of development, we holistically examine all economic, ecological, and functional aspects exactly. This pertains not only to the actual bottle production but the entire process chain.By effectively combining the worldwide unique processing accuracy of our InnoPET Blomax stretch blow-molding machines with the Bottles & Shapes program we thus set the standard when it comes to cost efficiency, precision, and function. For you, KHS Bottles & Shapes means success right down the line.


  • Short development time through exact computer-aided simulation and production of prototypes.
  • Increased line efficiency thanks to optimum industrially practicable bottle design.
  • Optimized bottle processing by improving existing blow molding processes.


  • Improves your eco-balance by implementing lightweight technology for reduced bottle weight.
  • Optimized machine control reduces your power and compressed air consumption.
  • Protects the environment by using ecological materials such as R-PET
Minimum costs, maximum quality

Based on our extensive knowledge of materials and processes, we are constantly working on reducing the weight of your PET bottles. What's known as lightweighting offers our customers compelling sustainability and above all cost benefits. On the one hand, our support enables you to produce high-quality PET bottles using the minimum amount of materials and thus enabling you to save considerably on costs. By conserving raw materials you are also able to increase the sustainability of your overall production operation without forfeiting the advantages of individually designed, stable and consumer-friendly PET bottles.

At the same time we ensure that your bottles meet all specifications and demands for maximum quality with the help of our Bottles & Shapes program. Our team knows exactly which demands have to be met – beginning with the line through the logistics chain to the point of sale – and checks all relevant parameters accurately and consistently.

The proof
Available only from KHS: the world's lightest 0.5-liter screw-cap PET bottle used in practice for heavily carbonated soft drinks.

KHS has been on the market with the world's lightest 0.5-liter screw-cap PET bottle for heavily carbonated beverages since September 2013. Our new bottle weighs a mere 10.9 grams and from an international standpoint is thus the lightest PET bottle of its kind. The benefit for our customers: an average of more than €200,000 in cost savings is possible per line and year versus the previous 12.5-gram PET bottle.

Implementing our Bottles & Shapes program has ensured an efficient and fast bottle development process in this instance as well. We were able to analyze and check all known applications and types of stress in advance so that nothing stood in the way of a rapid launch to market.  

Individual and sustainable bottle design

We develop, design and optimize your PET packaging. Invest now in energy and resource-conserving processes and rely on KHS' many years of expertise in PET.  Our process engineers will reliably determine the lowest possible amount of material and also the lowest blowing pressure needed to manufacture your bottles.

We are of course also available when you need us after the successful development of your bottles and are ready to provide you with support in optimizing your entire production process.  Simply get in touch with us! 

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