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High-quality consumables from the experts

For you as a line operator it is imperative that your production processes run without a hitch. The consumables used play an important role here. If the quality is not up to scratch, this can greatly impact the production process, causing problems or downtimes on the line. This in turn can have serious consequences, including delays in delivery, faulty goods and thus high additional costs. So that you are best equipped to ward off any such eventualities, we can help by providing KHS consumables which are perfectly tailored to your individual needs. When procuring consumable goods it makes sense to rely on high quality rather than buying in at the lowest possible prices which are mostly associated with inferior quality that could later have a negative effect. We thus offer you personal consultancy and high-quality products from one source to ensure that your line runs reliably in the long term. Your benefits in brief:

  • High line availability
  • Long-term time and cost savings through reliable production operation
  • A local service team who provide advice quickly and can help with queries or problems during production.
Industrial adhesives

We have a wide range of adhesives which we can recommend according to the field of application, location and line. These include adhesives for labels and packaging, systems for applying pouring aids, such as straws on cartons, and hot-melt adhesives for thin, sprayed layers of glue for the conveying of stacked, printed and therefore slippery beverage cartons. Our range of adhesives suits the following KHS machines and system solutions:

  • All labelers
  • Packaging machines: Innopack Kisters tray packer, tray shrink packer, wrap-around packer, wrap-around shrink packer, Innopack cartoner and carton erector for pouches.
One-way PET kegs from Petainer

Together with British company Petainer we can provide you with non-returnable PET kegs holding 20 or 30 liters for your KHS PET kegging system. You are supplied by a single source, saving you time and therefore money. We draw up a suitable concept which coordinates all the necessary process steps with one another and ensures line availability to the best possible degree. We handle the implementation so that you can concentrate on your daily business. Our cooperation with Petainer is suitable for line operators of:

  • Innokeg PETBoy F2
  • Transomat.
KHS lubricants

Our portfolio not only includes the full range of KHS lubricants; it is also distinguished by a detailed consultancy program customized to your requirements. This gives you an optimum maintenance concept with service plans for the bearings, gears, drives and motors in operation throughout your entire production system. Since June 2017 all KHS lubricants are also certified by NSF International; this means that they meet all hygiene requirements, even should they unexpectedly come into contact with product. You can thus use your KHS system in conjunction with KHS lubricants in the full production process. KHS lubricants also meet the strict requirements laid down by Jewish and Muslim regulations. The respective kosher and halal certificates document that also in this respect the maximum possible degree of product and food safety is ensured. KHS lubricants are relevant to the entire KHS line and machine portfolio.

Individual consultancy writ large

We offer you specific advice from experienced experts who take your plant equipment, location and individual situation into account. For example, very different adhesives may be necessary depending on the climate zone and machinery to ensure the best line efficiency. Profit from our experience and local, personal service. Contact us now for advice – without any obligation!

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