KHS Group

Sustainability at KHS

Sustainability is one of the most pressing issues of our day and age. In this connection, as an international company we at KHS are especially required to set an example to others and shoulder our responsibilities – and to practice corporate values which are sustainable in many senses of the word.

Just how important it is to actively confront the issues, challenges and opportunities connected with a sustainable lifestyle is demonstrated by social commitment, buyers’ purchasing and consumer behavior and, last but not least, new product developments on the market.

In this context global players such as KHS play a definitive role: the larger and more influential the company, the greater its responsibility. We are taking on this responsibility – also because of the expectations we have of ourselves. For we have always focused on developing future-oriented and sustainable products and services.

In the course of the prevalent debates on sustainability even greater attention is also being directed towards the issues of environmental protection, energy efficiency and ethical behavior within our company. To show how seriously we are taking our responsibility, we have dedicated the current KHS 2017/2018 sustainability report to precisely these topics.