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Optimum availability of upgrades and spare and wear parts

With useful upgrades you lengthen the service life and boost the efficiency of your lines and machines from KHS in relation to resource savings or ease of operation, for example.

We also ensure that you receive all necessary machine components as and when needed as quickly as possible. With spare and wear part packages dispatched on a regular basis you are always perfectly equipped, benefiting from optimum availability and high efficiency of your machines.

Questions about our products and services?

Help with faults or questions on the topic of spare parts?

+49 231 569-10000 24/7 Service-HelpDesk

+49 231 569-10000 24/7 Service-HelpDesk

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  • Sales

    Our sales colleagues will help you with any questions you may have about new machines, lines and systems in the medium and high performance range.

    Alcides Vieira
    KHS Group
    Phone +1 262.797.7200
    Mobile +1.262.527.7365

  • Service

    For any questions about spare parts, conversions, installation and other service products, please contact your local service experts.

    Dennis O'Dowd
    KHS Group
    Phone +1.941.359.4020
    Mobile +1 941 780 1621

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