Process integration

Customized energy systems for efficient production

Your lines operate in a sequence of a multitude of complex processes that need to be perfectly coordinated with the help of interfaces configured especially for this purpose in order for your production to run quickly, economically, and efficiently.

Of all processes, the energy supply to your plant plays a major role. Not only your production and supply systems require electricity. Compressed air generators, refrigeration, and lighting consume electrical power. Your heat requirements for your process engineering processes such as flash pasteurizers, crate washers, and bottle washing machine in addition to all sanitary facilities, not to mention the heating energy needed to heat your buildings are also high.

The electricity and heat consumption at your plant depend on many factors. Starting with your yearly production and the machine and processing technologies being used through the number of production units and production planning up to climactic conditions - all influence your energy consumption.

In order to ensure seamless and efficient interaction of your production processes also with regard to the energy supply, we from KHS will take care of the complete configuration. Planning energy supplies and heat storage facilities require a holistic view of installed consumers. For this reason, we will analyze your supply and requirements structure and based on the key indicators we will show you where the weakpoints are.

Sustainability factors also play a major role in determining the most suitable type power generation for you. Whether you would like to use combined heat and power generation, solar heat, fuel cells, or renewable raw materials - we will find the ideal configuration tailored to meet your special requirements.

A block heating and power station as an alternative for expanding your existing boiler plant, for example, is one way of using combined heat and power generation. A power station of this kind is able to supply the temperatures required for a typical filling line and amortizes within two and a half years.

We will of course be glad to provide support not only with regard to energy supply projects but will also enable you to methodically use fewer raw materials and save production time. Important in this context is avoiding, re-using, and returning mixing phases (zero waste) and keeping the time required for changeover short.

Our procedures offer you numerous advantages. In addition to revealing energy savings potential, we will show you how to save on primary energy sources and raw materials and at the same time improve your line utilization rate. We will also show you the way to achieving dry floor, zero waste, and mixing phase-free production.

Whichever method of saving energy turns out to be the most efficient for you specific requirements - with KHS, you will be exploring new avenues in running an even more sustainable and resource-conserving production.

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