Nature MultiPack: clever, sustainable secondary packaging

When does a packaging system not have any secondary packaging? When it’s a KHS Nature MultiPack! Our packaging innovation holds cans and PET containers together with just a few dots of adhesive. This makes it one of the most sustainable types of secondary packaging on the market to date.

The extremely low amount of adhesive it uses per pack leaves a carbon footprint of just 4.4 grams of CO2 equivalents per pack1. This will also score points with your customers: convince your increasingly environmentally-aware consumers of this alternative that not only stands out visually from other packs at the point of sale but also includes enough advertising space (facing on the shelf) to communicate its benefits in strong messages in conjunction with your brand.

Score with your customers on environmental benefits

Our pack without secondary packaging has an extremely small CO2 equivalent of 4.4 grams per pack. As a direct result of this the shrink tunnel – still a high energy consumer – is no longer required. With Nature MultiPack you need up to 85% less packaging compared to systems that use cardboard and also save up to 67% energy in production. A further plus is that the containers can continue to be recycled. The adhesive used has also been certified by the European PET Bottle Platform (EPBP) for PET bottle-to-bottle recycling.

Your customers and consumers will also be impressed: the environmental benefits of Nature MultiPack are obvious, with the containers in the pack easy to separate and no packaging waste having to be disposed of at home. Another advantage is that without an outer layer the pack can be more rapidly cooled than containers packed in classic cardboard or wrapped in shrink film.

Especially efficient packaging process

  • In the medium capacity range the Innopack Nature MultiPack machine has a nominal output of up to 45,000 containers per hour, with this number rising to a maximum of 90,000 on the high-performance version.
  • Tertiary packaging or trays can be dispensed with when packs are directly palletized.
  • Higher margins are achieved as this pack stands out from other types of pack.

An extremely convincing sell

  • Nature MultiPack supports your sustainable marketing and brand strategy.
  • The individual alignment of the containers creates a billboard effect, attracting consumer interest at the point of sale.
  • If required, the carrying handles can be used as advertising space for messages to the consumer and are available in two different versions (plastic and paper).

1 Calculation based on DIN EN ISO 14067 for a classic six-pack of 330-ml beverage cans at nominal machine speed.


  • How important is the adhesive?

    Nature MultiPack adhesives have been adapted to the PET bottle and can surface such that they bond the Nature MultiPack together with small, accurately placed dots, enabling the pack to be formed quickly, and then conveyed, palletized, stretch-wrapped, and also survive the logistics circuit, including hundreds of kilometers with wide temperature variations. The consumer needs to be able to carry the Nature MultiPack from the shelf in the store all the way home to the cupboard, and then the pack must be easy to open for all users.

  • What is unique from a marketing perspective?

    Nature MultiPack brings clear sustainability message based on less packaging. Bottles and cans are individually oriented within the Nature MultiPack application equipment, enabling bar code masking and billboard presentations across the packs. A convenient tape handle is applied downstream, adding marketing messages, pack strength and consumer convenience.

  • How much does it cost?

    For a large PET bottle 2x3 pack or equivalent can pack, the Nature MultiPack is in the same cost range as printed film shrink packs.

  • What about glass and other containers?

    The initial focus of Nature MultiPack was on PET bottles but is now also available for cans. The container-to-container connection points have sufficient structure for pressing them together during the bonding process. Other applications like glass bottles have been considered but are not ready for market at this time.

„Packaging must reliably protect both the product and the environment in equal measure. Nature MultiPack is a future-proof solution to this challenge.“

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