Innopack Kisters NMP

The innovative and resource-saving packaging system for cans and PET bottles

Innopack Kisters NMP

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Nature MultiPack reduces secondary packaging to a minimum and offers further options for saving on tertiary packaging. With specially developed adhesive dots, cans and PET bottles are glued together to form packs of four, six or eight containers, to which a practical handle is then attached. This sustainable packaging system has proven effective during transport, in retail and for consumers.

Nature MultiPack is produced step by step on just one modular machine:

  • Double-row product infeed and alignment of the containers for optimum display of the brand and its messages (billboard effect)
  • Adhesive application
  • Curing segment
  • Automatic ejection and distribution
  • Application of the handle

The finished packs can be palletized directly or first placed on trays.

Well thought out

The Innopack Kisters NMP is available in two capacity versions: NMP-M has an output of up to 54,000 containers per hour, while the high-speed NMP-H variant achieves a maximum capacity of 108,000 containers an hour. Both machine versions are designed to process cans or PET bottles and can be easily integrated into existing production lines. Another advantage is that the lack of a shrink tunnel additionally saves energy costs. This means that with the Innopack Kisters NMP machine you can also significantly reduce the carbon footprint of your packaging process. Furthermore, our Nature MultiPack system can help you to increase the market share of your products and boost your attainable profit margins.

Done everything right

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Done everything right

Traditional brewery Estrella Galicia has gone for innovative technology and procured not one but two KHS Nature MultiPack systems to package its beverage cans.

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  • Competitive packaging system compared to other secondary packaging based on the TCO (total cost of ownership)
  • Great flexibility and the highest standards of quality thanks to quick and easy format changeovers
  • Modern servotechnology for high machine availability


  • The specially developed adhesive for PET and cans does not influence the recycling process
  • Up to 85% less secondary packaging material sends a clear sustainability message
  • Eliminating the need for a shrink tunnel reduces the energy consumption by up to 67% in the production of secondary packaging

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