Innocheck BOS camera system

Innocheck BOS camera system

Perfect bottle alignment for accurate labeling

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High-quality products demand a high-quality appearance. Our Innocheck BOS (Bottle Orientation System) enables glass and PET bottles as well as plastic containers to be perfectly aligned for the accurate application of your labels. The innovative camera system serves a wide product range starting with beverages such as soft drinks, beer, wine and spirits, via foodstuffs to hygiene articles. The machine achieves a throughput of up to 66,000 bottles/h. The high-precision alignment of bottles and containers enables both cold glue and self-adhesive labels to be perfectly positioned, which in turn leads to high-quality dressing and maximum customer acceptance.

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Three high-speed cameras, each with a capture range of 120°, take three pictures each of bottles or containers moving past the cameras with a rotary movement controlled by the VarioDrive electronic bottle turret control resulting in a 360° developed view. These are then evaluated by the intelligent software which determines the best correspondence with the previously taught alignment feature. The bottle is now rotated so that the detected feature faces the outside of the labeling carousel. A further high-resolution camera now carries out a fine alignment. Alignment using glass seams can also be carried out without any problems thanks to parameterizable lighting. Perfect positioning for perfect labeling results.


  • Target-oriented labeling for perfect bottle design appearance
  • Accurate alignment, e.g. by logo, inscription or glass seam, thanks to parameterizable lighting
  • System can be expanded at any time thanks to modular design


  • Save repair and maintenance costs thanks to maintenance-free LED lighting
  • Sophisticated technology offers a high level of future-proofing

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