Innocheck CCI closure check

Innocheck CCI closure check

High-precision measuring system for detecting crooked screw caps

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The quality of your products is very close to our heart. In particular, the correct seating of bottle caps is very important in this regard. Our Innocheck CCI (Crooked Cap Inspection) system enables the angle of the cap to be measured with high accuracy to detect closure errors in PET bottle screw caps. The scope error detection ranges from 28 - 38 mm caps to sports caps. At the same time, the powerful measuring system works with only one camera and checks up to 86,000 bottles/h without difficulty. The features checked by the Innocheck CCI are equally wide-ranging: The machine affords the highest quality assurance starting with the presence of the cap and the existence of the tamper-evident seal to checking the cap height.

Well thought out

The crooked cap inspection consists of a camera system with an infrared flash light. The detection principle is based on innovative image processing methods. The interaction of telecentric view, collimated light and a powerful camera enables a very high-contrast and extremely sharp image of the cap to be obtained. The system is also independent of extraneous light thanks to its IR lighting. The detection system works independently of the distance between the bottles and also the position on the conveyor. Technologically sophisticated, high-quality and powerful - our Innocheck CCI impresses right down the line.


  • The perfect primary image quality enables the smallest errors to be detected
  • The independence of extraneous light ensures maximum inspection reliability
  • Special lens provides sharp and richly contrasting images


  • Save maintenance and repair costs thanks to the maintenance-free infrared LED lighting
  • Benefit from higher quality assurance for your products

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