Innocheck VRS Rejection System

Innocheck VRS Rejection System

Dependable high-speed electromagnetic container rejection system

Good to know

Operating at very high speeds, the Innocheck VRS Rejection System removes defective containers, which have been detected by your upstream inspection systems, from the production flow. An electromagnetic cylinder redirects the containers into as many as three different lanes. The system is ideally suited for glass and PET bottles, cans, jars, plastic containers and packaging in the beverage, food and non-food industries. The Innocheck VRS is designed to handle up to 132,000 containers per hour.

Well thought out

Low maintenance requirements and low wear are two of the outstanding features of this rejection system, and they are principally due to the absence of compressed air in the system design. Other features include optimum acceleration and displacement volume which is matched to the type of container that is being ejected.


  • Maximum ejection reliability ensures maximum product safety
  •     Great flexibility - redirection into as many as three lanes
  • Automatic positioning during changeover makes the system very easy to use


  • Low maintenance - no high-wear pneumatic parts
  •     Profit from Fast changeover
  • Electromagnetic ejection which lowers your compressed air consumption



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