Innokeg cap stripper keg accessory

Innokeg cap stripper keg accessory

Reliable cap stripper for processing your empty kegs

Good to know

Before your returned empty kegs can be properly processed, their protective caps must be reliably checked and removed. Our Innokeg cap stripper keg accessory is designed just for this task. Outstandingly suitable for 7 l – 1/2 bbl (approx. 58-liter) kegs, it achieves a throughput of up to 1300 kegs/h. The mechanical cap stripper is available in two different versions, the single and dual head design.

Well thought out

This cap stripper works extremely reliably and accurately thanks to precise pre-checking and rechecking. Universally applicable, it is perfectly suitable for all common keg, fitting and cap types on the market. Our cap stripper comes equipped with slat belt conveyor, singulating device, fitting position and cap inspection, cap stripper unit, cap rechecker and downstream ejector unit. Flexible, precise and reliable, it is therefore the perfect accessory for processing your empty kegs.


  • Highest precision thanks to cap pre-checking and rechecking
  • On-demand application, only responds when cap present
  • Ideal for all common keg, fitting and cap types


  • Reduce your maintenance costs thanks to low-wear and on-demand operation
  • Invest in future-proofing thanks to the solid, long-life and low-maintenance design

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