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Even the smallest inaccuracies when installing fitting seals and fitting systems can cause your kegs to leak. Our Innokeg ImageKeg keg camera system provides the remedy. The camera system, which is installed in a long anti-glare tunnel, detects the height of your incoming kegs independently of the effects of ambient light, and automatically selects the optimum depth of field to specifically check whether your keg seals are leaking. In doing so, it assesses and analyzes the contrast between the seal and the metal fitting. The Innokeg ImageKeg can easily check up to 1,500 kegs/h in sizes between 7-liter – ½ bbl (approx. 58-liter) for leaks.

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The sophisticated Innokeg ImageKeg camera system, which is designed for the whole performance range, is primarily used for detecting micro-leaks at the fitting seals of your kegs. When installed in the empty keg area, it also enables the fitting type, fitting position and cap to be detected as well as any deformation of the handle edge. The high flexibility of the machine, which can be used anywhere in your existing keg conveyor system without problems, is also particularly advantageous. Naturally, almost all common types of keg, both with basket fitting and with flat fitting, can be checked.      


  • Increased product safety thanks to an optical monitoring system which is insensitive to interference
  • Can be implemented retrospectively in existing lines without problems
  • Optical, non-contact system with minimal maintenance costs


  • Avoid complaints by end customers by detecting leaking fittings at an early stage
  • Feed kegs with leaking fittings systematically and at an early stage to the beer recovery station
  • Increase system efficiency by systematic keg analysis in the empty keg area


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