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Innoline BTR container conveying technology

Innoline BTR container conveying technology

The path is as important as the destination with our gentle container conveyor

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Just as important as perfectly matched components in your filling process is the transportation of the necessary containers to and from the machine. In modern filling and packing lines, the container conveyor is responsible for the continuous supply of containers to the individual units. Our Innoline BTR container conveyor supports you with a high level of flexibility and precision. We enable you to achieve maximum system performance while at the same time minimizing machine stoppages without inefficient stop-and go operation. Regardless of whether bottles or cans are involved, our conveyor systems are the reliable link in your lines, and both connect and decouple with utmost product care.

Well thought out

An optimum interaction between all the individual machines and the container conveyor is necessary for the optimum output of your line. We have therefore combined the container conveyor control with the machine control to form an innovative line control system. The combination of intelligent control and high-quality mechanics ensures that the system is ideally matched to your requirements.


  • High system efficiency while at the same time conveying your containers safely, carefully and with little noise
  • Standardized modular system, designed for optimum cleaning, with different hygiene designs adapts to your requirements
  • Extremely long-life conveyor system thanks to stable design and high-quality materials


  • Benefit from low energy consumption thanks to variable centralized or decentralized drive concepts with high-efficiency drives (Premium Efficiency)
  • Conserve resources with intelligent, energy-saving belt lubrication systems

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