Innopro Carbamix MC carbonator

Innopro Carbamix MC carbonator

Our carbonating system is a fast one

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Fully assembled and quickly installed, the Innopro Carbamix MC has an extremely fast start to production. With it you can simply and effectively carbonate beer, wine, and sparkling wine. Precise concentration of the predefined CO2 content and a constant CO2 content in the beverage are ensured by our outstanding CO2 measurement technology. This carbonating system takes up a minimum of space and, thanks to its immense range, is perfectly suitable for the carbonation of small and larger amounts of beverage at a rate of 50 – 1.200 hectoliters per hour.

Well thought out

With its modular design the Innopro Carbamix MC can be perfectly adapted to suit your individual production requirements. It can be integrated into your existing line with no trouble whatsoever and retrofitted with many other measurement and control units. Why not start up your production line with our compact, productive, and quick-to-install carbonator? We'll be there to help every step of the way!


  • Targeted fine saturation of beverages with CO2
  • Excellent CO2 bonding in the beverage
  • Very fast installation thanks to skid mounting


  • Invest in the future and in this modular design with many possibilities for expansion
  • Boost your production permanently in the long term with minimum cost of investment

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