Innopro Contimix CCMX dosing and blending system

Innopro Contimix CCMX dosing and blending system

Our flexible dosing and blending system will stir up your beverages

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All-rounder Innopro Contimix CCMX is impressive with its great versatility of use. From dosing through inline blending to special syrup production, you can do nothing but profit from its maximum flexibility. Powerful and precise, within the smallest of spaces it will stir up practically all of your beverages at a rate of up to 80,000 liters an hour.

Well thought out

Prudent use of your raw materials and quick product changeovers without product loss are ensured by the dosing accuracy of our system and the continuous monitoring of the Brix and CO2 content. The Innopro Contimix CCMX demonstrates just how flexible it is by simultaneously processing up to ten components and 200 recipes. Don't adapt to suit – we'll do it for you.


  • Perfect inline blending of up to ten beverage components
  • Fully automatic power control of between 30 and 100%
  • Efficient, two-stage water deaeration ensures excellent product quality and high filling capacities


  • Avoid syrup and product loss by using the KHS minBrix control
  • Eliminate CO2 loss in the long term using the buffer tank pressure control with stored recipes
  • The consistent application of Hygienic Design reduces your consumption of cleaning media and your cleaning times

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