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InnoPET FreshSafe TriBlock stretch blow molding/coating/filling unit

Compact combination of stretch blow molding, coating, and filling technologies

InnoPET FreshSafe TriBlock stretch blow molding/coating/filling unit

Good to know

The InnoPET FreshSafe TriBlock combines a stretch blow molder with a coating system, and a filler/capper combination in an extremely compact unit. This saves you space and at the same time ensures maximum efficiency. An innovative, ultra-thin glass coating on the inside of the PET bottle gives your products a 2 to 5 times longer shelf life and thus increases the distribution range. The InnoPET FreshSafe TriBlock is able to process bottles with volumes ranging from 0.1 to 1.5 liters. Its capacity of up to 46,000 bottles/h depending on the bottle size is compelling.  

Well thought out

The space-saving InnoPET FreshSafe TriBlock enables you to produce efficiently at a top level of performance and conserve resources within a small amount of space. Thanks to the triple combination, your premium PET bottles are produced, coated, and filled practically from one source. This makes it possible to do without more than 100 meters of air conveyors and in many cases also eliminates the need for a rinser. You benefit from minimum operating effort and low overall operating costs. Among other things, this results in PET bottles characterized by improved product protection and 100% bottle-to-bottle recycling.


  • Extremely compact machine design: This saves you space and incorporates production, coating, and filling in only one block
  • Great ease of operation: Short distances for operating personnel and central control of the entire machine unit
  • High machine availability: Handling the bottles gently only by their bottle necks and an intelligent drive and control concept minimize downtime and the number of rejects


  • Longer shelf life: Thanks to the high-quality glass coating, your products have a much longer shelf life and are better protected - thereby allowing you a wider distribution range
  • Convincing energy efficiency: Consistent use of energy-saving components throughout the entire block unit
  • Resource-conserving production: The coating technology makes 100% recycling possible

Good to know: with our platform system you can add modules to your machinery to allow you to flexibly process further beverage types or container sizes in the future. This means that you are all set up to meet constantly changing future market challenges today. Invest in the long term and benefit from efficient maintenance and an optimum supply of spare parts – for increased line availability.

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