Wear part packages for maximum availability of your KHS line

Ensure optimum, long-term availability of your production lines with wear part packages from KHS. Keep the technology of your KHS lines and machines permanently up to date and cut the risk of unexpected production downtimes.

Make the best provisions with KHS wear part packages: on request we will supply you with your specific packages at fixed intervals (every 1,750 hours of operation, for example) so that your production plant is perfectly equipped at all times and parts can be exchanged as a matter of routine.

You can also check the state of your KHS machinery using fixed maintenance and inspection plans and thus always know when wear parts are due for replacement. This gives you optimum operation and the longest possible service life for your KHS machines.

Your benefits:

  • Fast availability of wear parts anytime, anywhere
  • Optimum planning when it comes to wear part replacement
  • Precise documentation of the state of your KHS system

Invest in the maximum efficiency and service life of your KHS machines with wear part packages from KHS. Find out more from your personal customer service representative.

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