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The supply of water is one of the central topics of our society in the 21st century. The demand for safely bottled water is growing worldwide – and with it the requirement for high-performance filling lines for this important future market.

Our natural resource water is increasingly becoming a rare commodity for many people, especiallyin Asia and Africa, where the middle classes are growing and with them the concentration of the urban population, turning cities into megametropolises. In particular the demand for hygienically bottled and packaged spring water for direct consumption is drastically on the rise, making accessto it one of the biggest challenges the world is currently facing.

In flux: 150 years of experience

For decades KHS has been one of the leading suppliers of holistic filling and packaging systems. With efficient and reliable systems we help our customers to meet their specific challenges and satisfy the demand for safely packaged still and carbonated water.

We are thus constantly working on systems which reduce the amount of water consumed – even at the production stage – to the greatest possible extent (also see our water footprint chapter in the current KHS sustainability report. We have also amassed 150 years of experience in beverage filling and packaging, enabling us to bottle and pack still and carbonated water hygienically while saving on resources.

What KHS offers the future water market:
  • Innovative systems in the high-performance range which are economical, durable and thusfuture proof
  • Flexible adaptation of existing lines to new market conditions and developments
  • Low, easily calculable overall operating costs across the system’s entire life cycle

Reliable, convincing systems

We have been supplying reliable stretch blow molder and filler blocks for almost ten years. As a pioneer in beverage bottling it goes without saying that we constantly look ahead and develop systems which are future proof.

With our Innofill PET NV filling system for still water or the DRV for sparkling water our customers thus rely on state-of-the-art, computer-controlled precision technology for the meticulous bottling of their still and carbonated beverages into PET bottles. Thanks to our volumetric filling principle up to 80,000 bottles can be filled per hour.

With KHS as their partner our customers also benefit from the stretch blow molding technology of KHS Corpoplast, tried and tested in practice for over 40 years. This plant equipment efficiently produces PET bottles for a vast number of different applications, particularly in the beverage industry, in a manner which saves on resources. One such development is the InnoPET BloFill stretch blow molder/filler block which has been specifically designed to fill still water into PET bottles. Here, our customers profit from a space-saving construction and the compact array of the blow stations. The InnoPET BloFill manufactures, fills and caps extremely stable, lightweight PET bottles with optimum line behavior. Long established on the market as a successful model, the InnoPET BloFill is in use a hundred times over at many different customer sites, including in the USA, Brazil, China and Turkey.

Our labelers can also be blocked with the above machine if required: with the InnoPET TriBlock for carbonated water or the InnoPET TriBlock Aqua M for still water, for example, our clients stretch blow mold, fill and label their PET bottles in a single process. Just one of the many further pluses is that thinner labels can be used, thus saving on materials.

Abant Su, for instance, part of Turkey’s Kaya Holding and one of the country’s leading mineral water bottling plants, recently opted for a KHS stretch blow molder which meets the bottler’s specific requirements for still water. The customer needed a smaller, extremely compact machine which KHS was able to supply thanks to its many years of experience.

KHS offers a range of complete filling and packaging systems for carbonated or still water. You find them here.

„In order to be able to offer our customers our great product we were on the lookout for a new form of packaging technology which was fast, excellent and durable. The KHS line meets our high expectations and makes sure that production functions in the best possible manner.“

Burak Kaya, CEO of Kaya Holding

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One of the leading beverage bottlers in Central Asia, Kokshetauminwody in Kazakhstan, also decided to invest in modern KHS production technology. Its new PET line, specially designed to fill still or sparkling water, processes 0.5-, 1.0- and 1.5-liter bottles at a rate of up to 26,400 containers per hour. A line for the 5.0-liter bottles popular in the Russian Commonwealth with an output of 4,800 bottles an hour maximum is also in use. The successful company especially appreciates the compactness of its KHS machines, the direct access to spare parts, extensive service and extremely economical and thus sustainable overall concept.

„For us, one of the determinative factors in awarding the contract to KHS was that their line used much less energy in the form of electricity and compressed air than similar systems – despite it being about 10% more powerful than its competitors.“

Stanislav Maksimets, plant manager for Kokshetauminwody

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Advice right down the line: Bottles & Shapes

With our individual Bottles & ShapesTM consultancy program our customers benefit from great added value when selecting the right packaging for their still or sparkling water. The holistic advice provided on lightweighting and design gives our clients all-round service – from the design of the individual PET bottle through development and production to presentation at the point of sale.

Reducing the bottle weight is one of the prime concerns for KHS when designing a container. Thanks to a minimal use of materials not only can considerable savings in cost be made but also in valuable resources. The low consumption of raw materials also improves our customers’ ecobalance. KHS also holds the record for PET bottles with a srec cap for highly carbonated beverages: the 0.5-liter bottle weights 9.9 grams, the 1.5-liter bottle 23.3 grams. At drinktec KHS breaks a new record for low weight: the Factor 100 0.5-liter bottle for still water weights just five grams.

In order to present a brand in the best way possible, the design and functionality of the PET bottles should be individually tailored to one another. In addition to successful brand transfer, best possible product protection and convenient handling Bottles and ShapesTM also has the advantage that the PET containers are 100% recyclable and have a relatively low carbon footprint. You can find a comparison of the sustainability of various container materials in the container check in our sustainability report.

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