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„The insights you have into all departments allow you to build up your knowledge very quickly.“

Nathalie Ahrens

industrial clerk | Department: Purchasing | Hamburg, Germany

What did you train as?

I spent three years training as an industrial clerk with KHS Group, studying both at the company and at school. The sandwich course involved attending various blocks of lessons; this means that the school part was spread out over six teaching blocks in three years. These blocks were each about six to eight weeks long. At school we had lessons in subjects such as economics and business, production and human resources and accounting and finance.

Why did you decide to become an industrial clerk?

The job of industrial clerk is extremely varied as it covers practically everything to do with commerce and business. This was the case for me as I was assigned to almost all of the commercial departments. The insights you have into the different departments, such as Purchasing, Sales, Human Resources, Controlling and Service, allow you to build up your knowledge in different fields very quickly.

What makes your job so interesting? What do you enjoy about your work?

As you learn a great deal about the various departments during your training, you can then specialize in different fields. This means that everyone can develop their skills in the area they feel most at home in. At the moment I’m working in Material Requirements Planning. Here, I’m largely responsible for procuring the materials we need for our stretch blow molders. I decided to work in Material Requirements Planning as I like communicating with people and the processes involved in this. In fact, there’s something new to do every day. There are of course processes in our day-to-day work that repeat themselves every day – such as orders – but we also face new challenges each day which are never just a matter of routine. Even if this is just talking to suppliers or coordinating delivery dates, for instance.

What I especially like about my job is that the tasks and challenges I face change every day and that you can learn so much, such as when communicating with people outside the company. In my case this means looking after our Asian suppliers and colleagues, with most of the communication in English.

“At the end of your training there are plenty of opportunities for further personal development and education.”

Why should young people train to be an industrial clerk?

You also have plenty of opportunities once you’ve finished your training. You can educate yourself further based on what you’ve learned on your course. I’m training to be an industrial business administrator alongside my job, for example, which is similar to a bachelor’s degree. After this you can then study further for a degree in business administration. There are thus lots of ways of continuing your education.

As you spend time in so many departments during your training, you have the chance to do what you find fun. I think that it’s very important for you to enjoy your work if you want to be happy and successful in your job.

What do you do after work to wind down?

I share a horse which means I’m out at the stables at least once a week. This is a fantastic way for me to relax, totally switch off and wind down. I also go to the fitness studio where I can really tire myself out! And last but not least I’m a member of the voluntary fire department where I not only take part in callouts but also help out with the junior fire department as deputy youth manager.

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Average years of service with the company

14 years

Company premises

54,473 m2



Product portfolio

Stretch blow molders, Coating technology

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