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“I’m in my fourth semester at the moment and find it perfectly feasible to study alongside my job.”

Maurice Jordan

mechatronics engineer and part-time student of electrical engineering | Department: Bottle Washer/Pasteurizer Software Design | Dortmund, Germany

What did you train as and what did you do next?

I became aware of KHS after I’d finished my high school diploma; I then applied for an apprenticeship with the company. I knew that after my high school diploma I didn’t want to go straight to college or university but instead first gain some experience and complete a course of training. Training as a mechatronics engineer with KHS thus seemed a good opportunity. During my apprenticeship I then realized that I’d like to continue my education and learn more about the theory behind my job. Once I’d finished my training, I therefore decided to study part time for a bachelor in electrical engineering at the FOM University of Applied Sciences alongside my job. My degree course lasts eight semesters in total. I’m in my fourth semester at the moment and for me I can say that it’s perfectly feasible to study alongside my job. Of course it’s always a challenge and takes up a lot of time but it’s basically possible to gain your degree while studying part time. What’s more, as an electrical engineering student I was able to start working in the Electrical Design Engineering Department as soon as I’d finished my apprenticeship – which fits in really well with my degree course. To be more precise, I’m currently working in software design.

“My job’s extremely varied and every day’s a new challenge. You’re constantly developing your skills.”

Why did you opt for this particular job and what do you especially like about your work?

I like doing practical work but also research and development. As my job features both these aspects, firstly through my apprenticeship and now, by way of expansion, through my degree course, I feel very at home here and enjoy my work. Besides, I’ve always liked electrical engineering. I’m really pleased that I can now work in this field. I like the fact that every day’s different. My job’s extremely varied and every day’s a new challenge. You’re always being tested and constantly developing your skills.

Why should young people aim for a career in your field of work?

When I was deciding what job to do when I left high school, I asked myself what I was interested in and where specialist workers were needed in order to weigh up my chances on the job market. This is how I came by electrical engineering and I’m still very pleased I opted for this. In electrical engineering and programming especially there’s a lack of suitable specialists at the moment. I can thus only advise people currently looking for a skilled occupation or wanting to change jobs that it’s worth finding out which fields are looking for personnel and to decide early on where your own interests lie. This perhaps makes finding the right job easier. I’m also pleased that I decided to train first before studying at university. On a dual work-study program I find something is neglected, whether this is the practical or theoretical part of your course. If you start studying straight after high school, you haven’t yet gained any practical experience and have no base to build on. I’m thus extremely happy that I first decided to do an apprenticeship before then going on to tackle new challenges.

Do you have a hobby? Are you involved in any committees or clubs?

I really enjoy my role as chairman of the KHS GmbH Youth Representative Committee and providing trainees and dual work/study students with support. I also love tampering with cars and like hiking and mountaineering.

If you had a year out, what would you do?

If I could take a year off, I’d probably travel. One definite highlight would be to tour Europe in a camper van. As I love hiking and mountaineering, especially countries with some good mountains would be ideal. A trip to the Himalayas would be like a dream come true – and one I wouldn’t forget in a hurry!

However, I also have to say that I probably wouldn’t take such a long break as I’m not very good at being away from my work for too long. Everyone likes to go on vacation once in a while or looks forward to having time to do other things. But one year? Personally, that’d possibly be too long for me. 

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Average years of service with the company

18 years

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Product portfolio

Bottle washers, Pasteurizers, Labelers and inspection technology, Conveyor technology

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