Innoclean DM bottle washer

Innoclean DM bottle washer

Our double-end bottle washer gets bottles sparkling clean

Good to know

The modular designed Innoclean DM bottle washers effortlessly aid you in getting refillable glass and PET bottle hygienically clean. The hallmark of the Innoclean DM is above all energy and resource-conserving operation tailored exactly to your requirements. Centered bottle rinsing produces perfect results even if bottles are heavily soiled. Removed labels are reliably discharged from the machine to avoid recontamination. The Innoclean DM is able to wash up to 150,000 bottles per hour.

Well thought out

In order to meet maximum standards of hygiene, the infeed and discharge of the bottles to be washed by the Innoclean DM are separated. The infeed and discharge sections of the machine can be completely disinfected automatically at the end of each production cycle.


  • Low energy consumption thanks to optimum water and heat management
  • Triple|i|Drive technology for maximum machine availability
  • Configurable according to operational requirements thanks to the modular design system


  • Minimized heat and liquid carryover results in noticeable energy and water savings
  • Profit from the hygienic and low-maintenance spray system
  • Vapor exhaust via slit minimizes the risk of recontamination

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