Innokeg decanter keg accessory

Innokeg decanter keg accessory

Efficient draining of kegs for reduced-cost remaining beer recovery

Good to know

We recommend that empty kegs be drained using the InnoKeg decanter before refilling in order to increase the efficiency of your keg system. At the same time, the remainng beer can be specifically disposed of.

In the case of full kegs, the decanter enables the product from underfilled and leaking kegs to be reused without any problems. Depending on your requirements, decanting can optionally be carried out from below, from above or from below and above.

Well thought out

Altogether we offer three different types of machine for these three different decanting methods.

Innokeg Bottom Decanter - This fully automatic single-head decanting machine for residue-free decanting from below is provided in a bottomless stainless steel frame which is accessible from all sides.

Innokeg Top Decanter – for decanting from above. Designed in a similar way to the Innokeg Bottom Decanter, this is also a fully automatic single-head decanting machine.


  • Easily incorporated into existing systems thanks to flexible design
  • Universal application with empty and full kegs
  • Increased system efficiency by decanting full kegs returned from the market


  • Noticeably reduce your costs thanks to remaining beer recovery
  • Reduce your production costs by reusing your product after incorrect filling
  • Enables you to specifically recover ullage for energy-efficient disposal

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