Innopack Kisters TP Basic tray packer

Innopack Kisters TP Basic tray packer

Sophisticated packaging technology for loose products and packs

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Quality creates trust. This basic principle has also been applied in the design of our Innopack Kisters TP Basic. This fully automatic packing machine enables you to produce tray packaging for both loose products and packs of cans, bottles, and jars. The extremely broad variety of products it can process ranges from beverage and food containers to sanitary items. The reliable tray packer is ideal for use in the low to medium capacity range of up to 3,600 packs per hour. The tight, exact folding of the cardboard blanks gives you both maximum pack stability and also allows you to make the highest possible savings in packaging materials.

Well thought out

Cutting-edge servo drive technology and our specially developed spindle adjustment ensure maximum flexibility when it comes to the variety of processible formats and easy format changeover. The standard Innopack Kisters TP-B also has a gentle product infeed including an automatic product line-up as well as a blank dispenser. Electronic queries monitor the entire packaging process, promoting the efficient operation of the machine. The automatic central lubrication system ensures low wear of parts – and thus low maintenance. Your satisfaction is what drives us.


  • Fast and easy format changeovers for optimum flexibility
  • Top quality standards ensure a machine availability of up to 98%
  • High-precision folding of cardboard blanks around the product cluster with 45° and 90° corners also satisfies changing packaging requirements


  • Minimize your spare part costs thanks to a low number of wear parts
  • Cutting-edge servo technology gives you reliable operation in the long term with high interference immunity
  • Profit from the minimum glue consumption provided by the high-precision gluing system

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