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Innopack Kisters SP Basic shrink packer

Safe packing quality thanks to product-optimized shrink technology

Innopack Kisters SP Basic shrink packer

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The Innopack Kisters SP Basic enables you to produce film-wrapped packaging for both packs and loose products. A broad variety of products can be processed, ranging from beverages such as soft drinks, water, and beer through food products to sanitary items. The fully automatic packaging system is perfect for operation in the low to medium capacity range of up to 10,800 packs per hour. Maximum pack stability and the highest possible savings in packaging materials are ensured by precision wrapping of the products with film. Our range of services provides a reliable supply of spare parts and offers a number of conversion options to keep your line powerful, sustainable and future proof.

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Reliable servo drive technology and our specially developed spindle adjustment ensure maximum flexibility when it comes to the variety of processible formats and easy format changeover. By using control technology implemented worldwide we offer you optimum availability of spare parts and service in addition to easy integration of the shrink packer into your existing systems. We can also provide you with a shrink tunnel option heated by either gas or electricity, enabling you to use the most cost-effective form of energy. Using film made of 100% recycled material also reduces the packaging’s carbon footprint without any detriment to the pack stability or flawless appearance at the point of sale.

Plastic, cardboard or paper?

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Plastic, cardboard or paper?

The Innopack SP Basic is just one of the many systems and solutions devised by KHS to reduce the impact of secondary packaging on our climate and environment.

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  • Fast, simple format changeovers ensure maximum flexibility
  • Very high-quality standards and modern servo technology ensure a machine availability of up to 98%
  • The perfect positioning of printed film ensures optimum presentation of your advertising message


  • Profit in the long term from the reliable operation provided by ultra-modern servo technology
  • The gas-heated Eco shrink tunnel cuts your energy costs by up to 50% and CO2 emissions by up to 60%
  • Cut your carbon emissions by up to 65%* by using film made of fully recycled material

*: According to market information from various film manufacturers


  • Film made of 100% recycled material

    Brief description: All KHS shrink packers can also be converted to this type of film. This upgrade can usually be easily retrofitted during ongoing production.

    Benefits: By switching over to film made entirely of recycled material, you can significantly cut your carbon emissions in the packaging process in the long term without having to do without safe, high-quality secondary packaging.

    Convincing: Should you have any questions about possible film thicknesses, shrink results or appearance, please feel free to contact us. On request we can test the film provided by your supplier at our special film laboratory for these parameters and give you the go-ahead for conversion quickly and reliably.

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