Innopack Kisters TSP Basic tray shrink packer

Innopack Kisters TSP Basic tray shrink packer

Highly efficient packaging technology for flexible production

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Increasing demands for a compact and economic packaging machine call for an optimized system – demands our Innopack Kisters TSP Basic meets exactly. This fully automatic packing machine enables flexible production of trays, film-wrapped trays, film-wrapped pads, and film-wrapped packs. With its extremely varied number of pack and loose product packaging formats for PET, glass, and cans, our Innopack Kisters TSP-B has a very broad product spectrum. The economical tray shrink packer is ideal for use in the low to medium capacity range of up to 3,600 packs per hour for the production of trays, film-wrapped trays, and film-wrapped pads, and can manufacture film-wrapped packs alone at a rate of up to 7,200 packs an hour. Using printed film also allows you to present your products successfully and thus increase your sales.

Well thought out

By using control technology implemented worldwide we offer you optimum availability of spare parts and service in addition to easy integration of the packing machine into your existing systems. With the integrated high-tech film cutting and feeding system you can process very thin shrink film. The Innopack Kisters TSP-B gluing system also works with the utmost precision, so that your glue consumption is kept to a minimum. The provision of a shrink tunnel heated by either gas or electricity also gives you the option of implementing the most cost-effective form of energy. Our product-optimized shrink technology gives you excellent packaging quality – at all times.


  • Fast and easy format changeovers for optimum flexibility
  • Top quality standards ensure a machine availability of up to 98%
  • High-precision folding of the cardboard blanks and perfect film positioning ensure a minimum use of materials


  • Reduce your spare part costs thanks to a low number of wear parts
  • Profit from reliable operation in the long term provided by ultra-modern servo technology
  • The optional gas-heated Eco shrink tunnel cuts your energy costs by up to 50% and CO2 emissions by up to 60%

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