Innopal RS3 palletizing robot

Innopal RS3 palletizing robot

Practical, single-column palletizing robot with 180° working range for non-returnable and returnable packaging

Good to know

The Innopal RS3 multiple-station palletizing robot gives you flexible and accomplished support in a working range of up to 180°. Its endless range of possible variations and applications knows virtually no bounds. When processing non-returnable packaging the palletizing robot is fitted with a roller cage, for example, whereas gripper heads are used with returnable packaging. It is outstandingly suitable for processing high-wall and low-wall plastic crates, kegs, slim kegs, barrels, cartons, trays (with and without film), shrink packs, individual packets and bags.

Well thought out

The emphasis with the Innopal RS3 is on flexibility. The 3-axis robot not only carries out pre-programmed tasks in a reliable manner. Reprogramming for new situations can also be undertaken quickly and without difficulty. And the combined processing of non-returnable and returnable packaging also presents no problems. This enables you to save considerable investment costs and at the same time simplify your working processes.


  • Consistent modular design enables flexible changing of palletizing and depalletizing tasks
  • High system availability thanks to optional semi-automatic format changeover
  • Cost reducing thanks to up to 98% machine availability


  • Conserve resources with the intelligent energy management system for energy recovery
  • Minimize maintenance effort by using the latest robot technology
  • Benefit from low space and energy requirement

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