InnoPET BloFill Stretch Blow Molder

InnoPET BloFill Stretch Blow Molder

Energy-efficient stretch blow molding /filling/capping machines for your PET bottles

Good to know

The InnoPET BloFill features a space-saving design and compact blow station layout. The production of high-stability, low-weight PET bottles is combined with the filling and capping steps to create a smoothly functioning line. With the Speed-Loc quick-change system, changeover can be performed very quickly with minimal effort. The InnoPET BloFill stretch blow molder/filler monoblock is designed for large production lines and has a maximum output of 81,000 PET bottles per hour.

Well thought out

Connecting the blow molder directly to the filler produces enormous savings, because this design eliminates the need for the air conveyor, the feed plate and the bottle rinser. Not only that, because the bottles flow directly through the InnoPET BloFill, the machine can easily handle very light-weight preforms and bottles. A multifunction star located at the interface between the two machines compensates for the differences in spacing between the blow molder and the filler. An airlock with a directed flow of air reliably separates the "dry" packaging area (blow molder) from the “wet” filler area.


  • Modular, space-saving design for maximum flexibility
  • Integrated airlock keeps dry areas separated from the wet surroundings
  • Minimal energy consumption combined with maximum performance


  • Excellent handling characteristics maximize machine availability
  • Low water consumption in the cooling circuit helps you conserve resources
  • Excellent control system technology reduces your scrap rate

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