Innopro DOX water deaerating system

Innopro DOX water deaerating system

Precision water deaeration for optimum shelf life extension

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Whether you require beverage water or water for the brewing industry, the fully automatic Innopro DOX deaerating system can help you with the precision deaeration of your beverage water. Using the two-stage, horizontal water deaerator this system provides you can also deaerate large quantities of water within the shortest space of time. The Innopro DOX also allows you to permanently monitor the deaeration values of your products during production. Built to save space, with the Innopro DOX you can achieve an increased filling capacity of up to 80,000 liters an hour.

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Assisted by vacuum the Innopro DOX only requires low amounts of CO2 as a stipping gas to deaerate your water. Our deaerating system also provides you with constant filling conditions – even with oxygen-sensitive products. You can also expand the Innopro DOX to include an optional cooling stage. Our reliable water deaerator gives you consistently high product quality throughout the entire deaeration process while also saving on resources.


  • Excellent deaeration values for a minimum residual O2 content in your products
  • Permanent monitoring of deaeration values
  • High energy efficiency thanks to the integrated water cooling setup


  • Minimize your CO2 consumption as only very small amounts are required as stipping gas thanks to the applied vacuum principle

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