Innopro DS deaerating system

Innopro DS deaerating system

Gentle, foam-free juice deaeration with no loss of quality

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The Innopro DS provides gentle, foam-free deaeration of your juice products, complete with highly efficient flavor recovery. The proven vacuum deaerating system eliminates unwanted loss of ascorbic acid due to oxidation, which is a frequent problem with the deaeration of taste-sensitive juices. Using the Innopro DS you can refine up to 40,000 liters of your juice products an hour.

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Using the applied principle of vacuum spray deaeration you support gentle juice preparation and avoid unwanted pulp and juice fibers floating to the surface of the filled bottle for guaranteed high-quality products. The recovery of volatile aromas, performed in one or two stages, also helps you to provide top-quality end products.


  • Perfect deaeration of flavor-sensitive juices with or without pulp or fibers
  • Gentle product processing using low deaerating temperatures of 50–60°C
  • Excellent product quality thanks to an almost full recovery of flavors


  • Minimize your use of cleaning agents and cleaning times with this CIP-optimized construction
  • Benefit from excellent energy efficiency levels thanks to perfect integration into the hotfill concept

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