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Innocheck GRS Rejection System

Reliable rejection and redirection of your bottles and cans

Innocheck GRS Rejection System

Good to know

This system shows true stamina. Our Innocheck GRS segment rejection system removes defective bottles and cans which have been detected by upstream inspection systems. The speed of the ejection fingers is matched to the speed of the conveyor belt. As a result, the smallest possible momentum is applied to the reject bottles and cans. The items are guided rather than impacted. The system is available in two versions: the Innocheck GRS I with one rejection point and the Innocheck GRS II with two rejection points. Both versions are ideal for rejecting glass and PET bottles, cans, jars and plastic containers in the beverage, food and non-food industry. With a capacity of 72,000 bottles per hour, the Innocheck GRS delivers outstanding performance.

Well thought out

The ejection fingers are mounted in rugged, enclosed cartridges. Because the Innocheck GRS does not use compressed air, it has very low susceptibility to wear and it requires little maintenance. The unbreakable levers ensure reliable ejection and they are gentle on the product and containers. Besides rejection, the system is also ideal for container handling and redirection applications.


  • Reliable rejection of your bottles and cans
  • Electrical trip mechanism for exact activation of the lever
  • Unbreakable eject lever ensures maximum product safety


  • Non-pneumatic design reduces operating costs to a minimum
  • Unbreakable ejection lever cuts your maintenance costs

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