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Innoclean KW crate washer

Our crate washer for reusable beverage crates - an all-round clean solution
Innoclean KW crate washer

Good to know

Foreign objects and surface soiling have to be completely removed from beverage crates after use so they are in perfect condition for recrating. Our Innoclean KW crate washer actively supports you in achieving sparkling clean results in no time. Beverage crates are washed in a continuing process as they pass through the machine. Equipped with up to three different treatment zones, the crates are subjected to a succession of caustic, hot water, and fresh water sprays according to your individual requirements. The fresh water spray can be optionally deactivated automatically when the machine is stopped to conserve your resources. The Innoclean KW in space-saving machine design is able to wash up to 13,000 beverage crates per hour.

Well thought out

In order to obtain the best possible cleaning performance and crate washer handling, an automatic level control, a pressure delivery-end filter, and automatic waste discharge are optionally available to ensure that that washed off soiling remnants are removed from the machine as quickly as possible to avoid recontamination of your crates. The Innoclean KW additionally offers you a choice of 1 or 2-bath versions.


  • Trouble-free format changing
  • Intelligent machine design prevents escaping vapors
  • Completely pre-wired for immediate commissioning


  • The possibility of connecting to your bottle washer saves heat and fresh water
  • Profit from the hygienic and clean stainless steel machine design
  • Several integrated straining units for efficient cleaning during on-going machine operation

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