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InnoPET FreshSafe stretch blow molding coating unit block

Innovative stretch blow molding coating technology for maximum product protection

InnoPET FreshSafe stretch blow molding coating unit block

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Combine modern and efficient stretch blow molding technology with the unique product protection of KHS coating technology: with the InnoPET FreshSafe block you can rely on highly efficient production, optimum quality, and low operating costs. The system is characterized by integrated coating technology which finishes PET bottle interiors with a wafer thin layer of glass (SiOx). This coating keeps content fresh considerably longer and extends the shelf life which are important hallmarks of quality particularly for sensitive products such as juice, beer, and wine. With a capacity of up to 40,000 bottles/h, the InnoPET FreshSafe block is also suitable for installation in high-capacity production lines. 

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By blocking the PET bottle production with Plasmax bottle coating you can profit from energy-efficient bottle production coupled with maximum product protection. With the FreshSafe PET® bottle finishing system you can continue to run resource-conserving and efficient production with minimum operating costs. Moreover, premium PET bottles are effectively protected against oxygen pickup and CO2 loss and given to 100% bottle-to-bottle recycling. In addition to this reliable and economical technology, the turnkey system also convinces through its gentle bottle handling which begins as early as the preforms handled by active mandrels and continues with the Touch-grip grippers that convey the finished blown bottles into the block transfer star. The FreshSafe block is easy to operate and requires few operating personnel.


  • Space-saving, compact design: direct connection of the InnoPET Blomax Series V stretch blow molder with the InnoPET Plasmax 20Q coating system.
  • Maximum flexibility: Integrated quick-change system for various neck diameters.
  • Efficient bottle production: tried-and-tested stretch blow molding and coating technologies with improved product protection thanks to the new Plasmax+ process.


  • Sustainable production: this coating process enables 100% bottle-to-bottle recycling.
  • High machine availability: intelligent drive concept and reliable bottle handling.
  • Low energy consumption: resource-conserving thanks to low rejection rates and energy-efficient technology

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