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KHS InnoPET Blomax Series V

Powerful, energy-efficient stretch blow molder

KHS InnoPET Blomax Series V

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The latest generation of our proven KHS InnoPET Blomax stretch blow molders, the Series V, sets new standards in resource savings and considerably reduces the carbon footprint left by the production process. In addition to innovative systems which save energy and cut down on the TCO and optimized features relevant to machine safety and ease of operation the Series V provides you with highly energy- and cost-effective plant engineering for the manufacture of your plastic, bio-based or [r]PET bottles holding between 0.2 and 3.0 liters. It can be used to bottle water, soft drinks, beer or sensitive products. Thanks to the modular design with its supplementary micro blow station concept for special still water applications which can process containers of up to approximately 750 ml, it is highly flexible for targeted use and has six to 36 blowing stations with a specific capacity of up to 2,800 containers per hour and blow station.

Well thought out

With the new, unique Double Gate heating concept (DoGa) based on tried-and-tested, highly efficient NIR heating technology, up to 40% in energy costs can be saved while taking up a minimum amount of space compared to single-lane stretch blow molders of the same capacity. In the DuoCooling cooling concept two cooling circuits with different temperatures are generated through an external cooler. This saves energy and prevents any condensation from being formed on the molds. Furthermore, the EcoDry air management system supplements the efficient AirbackPlus air recycling system and reduces condensation on the base mold. This effectively combats the forming of condensation on the entire blow mold and helps to further improve machine hygiene. The EcoDry process also significantly streamlines the separate air drying process otherwise necessary in certain climatic conditions or does away with it altogether. This in turn reduces investment and energy costs.

Boost the efficiency of your PET filling and packaging line with our KHS InnoPET iflex modular automation concept with fast and reliable changeovers. 


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The new quick neck change option on the InnoPET Blomax shortens changeover times and makes production more flexible and efficient.

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  • Innovative heating, cooling and air management systems based on over 40 years of experience in stretch blow molding technology
  • Powerful, modular machine concept which can be flexibly adapted to market demands
  • Reliable processing of special and common types of preform


  • Innovative, holistic concepts for a long-term reduction in the carbon footprint left by the production process
  • System prepared for future new and further container developments (bio-based material or [r]PET, for example)
  • Individual service concepts focusing on a long life cycle


  • Focus lamp

    Brief description: Special NIR heater within the heater unit which produces a focused, linear ray of heat. Goal: targeted heating of the preform in the area below the neck ring. Result: homogeneous shift of material, optimized process, improved material distribution in the bottle; material savings option.

    Characteristics: Focus lamp for bottle optimization

    Containers/preforms: Can be used for special preform designs

    Media: Soft drinks, water, juice, beer, food, non food

    Convincing: Optimized process through standardized material distribution in the bottle; modular system which fits into all standard heater boxes on the InnoPET Blomax Series V. Can be retrofitted on the InnoPET Blomax Series III and higher

    Sustainable: Optional material savings through preform optimization and use of previously unstretched PET

  • AirbackPlus

    Brief description: System for recycling blowing air on the stretch blow molder. Goal: a percentage of the high-pressure blowing air is reused to make the PET bottles. Goal: reduction in compressed air consumption and thus cost reduction

    Characteristics: Air recycling system to reduce compressed air consumption

    Containers/preforms: All PET containers

    Media: Soft drinks, water, juice, beer, food, non food

    Convincing: Up to 40% compressed air recycled within the stretch blow molder; additional cut in investment costs possible in many cases thanks to the smaller compressor. Can be retrofitted on the InnoPET Blomax Series III and higher

    Sustainable: Significant reduction in the amount of energy needed to produce high-pressure blowing air.

  • Preform dedusting

    Brief description: Gentle and reliable removal of foreign objects from preforms through air lances and effective particle extraction with a filter unit. Optional additional camera inspection unit available for 100% control.

    Characteristics: High-performance preform cleaning device to increase product safety

    Containers/preforms: Commercially available preforms Media: Soft drinks, water, juice, beer, food, non food

    Output: Up to 81,000 preforms per hour

    Convincing: Safe and reliable particle removal; specified system, low complexity, simple format changeovers, retrofittable

    Sustainable: Reduction in the number of preforms rejected through cleaning of soiled preforms and their reuse

  • Preferential heating

    Brief description: Special heater module for selective preform heating. Goal: optimum material distribution and accustomed very high bottle quality, also with flat oval containers.

    Characteristics: Heater module for the manufacture of flat oval containers

    Containers/preforms: Flat oval containers

    Media: Commercially available preforms

    Output: Up to 48,000 containers per hour

    Convincing: Modular design, optimum bottle quality also for oval containers, retrofittable

  • Wide Mouth

    Brief description: Machine option for the manufacture of containers with a maximum thread diameter of 63 mm.

    Characteristics: Manufacture of wide mouth containers

    Containers/preforms: Preforms designed especially for wide mouth containers

    Media: Dry products, pastes, sauces, baby food, dairy, jam

    Output: Up to 32,000 containers per hour

    Convincing: Newly developed, modular NIR heater box which accounts for the individual requirements of the special wide mouth preform designs. Optimum heating profile, accustomed low energy consumption through NIR technology

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