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One thing you will definitely not encounter on our many different courses of training is hour upon hour of dry theory.

Instead, our KHS training courses are perfectly geared towards the issues and demands of work in practice at your company. This gives you and your employees direct added value as you can immediately apply the skills and knowledge you have learned to your daily business.

Our courses cover three main areas operation, maintenance, refresher.

Course selection

Our courses are clearly structured by product group. Simply select the right product group and then which subarea is of interest to you. You will find further information on the course in the detailed course section where you can also make a booking request.

Course offer

Our courses are structured by product groups. Simply select the appropriate product group and then a sub-range. On the course page you can get more information about the courses and can ask for a booking request.

* Explanation of the types of courses


These trainings enable your employees to use the machine optimally and to understand how it works.
Contents: basic knowledge, cleaning instructions, safety aspects, fault elimination


In addition to the contents of the course module "Operation", participants in the training unit "Maintenance" learn to carry out self-service on the machine. Since KHS systems and machines are electromechanical, they provide both content for mechanics and electricians.
Contents: parameterization, maintenance and maintenance, spare parts recommendations, data security, error analysis


These trainings refresh existing knowledge for experienced operating and maintenance personnel and contain both theoretical and practical elements. The participants of the courses can actively contribute to the training with their own questions.
Contents: Specific questions about the daily work with the equipment, consolidation of the machine knowledge