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“As an electrical engineer you solve both technical and economic problems. That’s what I love doing!”

Paul Wundu

electrical engineer | Department: Development | Kleve, Germany

What made you decide to study electrical engineering?

I’ve always liked technology and working with computers. My favorite subject at school was physics. I wanted to work in a diverse field where I faced many different challenges and work wasn’t just routine. I obtained my university entrance qualification in Nigeria in three semesters and then started studying electrical engineering in Kleve at the Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences. I like the fact that I work with complex interrelated processes from various areas of electrical engineering, that there are major and minor issues which together form a big whole. As an electrical engineer you can work on solutions to both technical and economic problems and that’s what I love doing.

How did you come to work at KHS?

The campus is just a few minutes from KHS and the university and KHS have a good partnership. As a student you’re thus familiar with what’s on offer, things such as excursions, internships, student trainee jobs and options for your thesis. I applied for an internship where I learned a lot and was able to use my skills and knowledge. As an undergraduate I then worked on the further development of operator-promoted format changeovers, a project where I was able to take on responsibility and study a topic in both practice and theory. At the end of the project I was offered a permanent contract. I find it exciting that as a company we work with innovative technology, are very systematic in our approach and manufacture highly complex products.

“For me, there’s no such thing as a typical working day. Each day is a new challenge; there’s not much routine.”

What does your typical working day look like and what do you especially like about your job?

I’m mainly based in Kleve but sometimes travel out to customers. I don’t have a typical working day. Each day is a new challenge; there’s not much routine. I’m constantly confronted with different technical challenges and also issues involving human relations. No day is the same. That’s what I like so much! I have plenty of contact to both colleagues and customers and work with a variety of software and programming tools. This in itself is pretty diverse. I need time and peace and quiet when programming so I usually do this in the afternoons or evenings.

How do you spend your free time?

I like playing soccer and going out with friends; both are a good way to relax. I also like to follow exciting projects at big companies and keep myself up to date.

Have you been recently inspired by a certain book?

Yes. I’ve read The Big Five for Life, a book on personal development.

If you had a year out, what would you do?

I’d use six of the months to learn things I otherwise don’t have time for. I’d spend the other six months traveling, devoting lots of time to my family and friends and working as a volunteer.

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21 years

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63,135 m2



Product portfolio

Packaging machines, Nature MultiPack™ machines

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