KHS Group

Craft Beer Brewer

Craft beers are on the rise around the globe. KHS offers Craft brewers high-quality, technologically sophisticated solutions for the complete Filling and packaging process.

Process technology

Innopro BoxFlash flash pasteurizer
Continuous, gentle pasteurization, quick and easy integration into existing lines.
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Innopro CIP-C cleaning system
Compact, space-saving system, manual or a fully automatic version.
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Innokeg Transversal AF-C
The innovative design enables you to use the Innokeg Transversal AF-C flexibly for returnable or one-way kegs without having to convert the system.
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Innofill CAN C
The Innofill CAN Compact fills between 7,000 and 40,000 cans per hour and is thus especially suitable for craft brewers.
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Innofill Glass Micro DPG Bottle Filler
Low oxygen pickup filling, enables you to easily set the filling zones.
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Innofill Can DVD can filler
Reduced CO2 consumption, enables various diameters of can to be processed.
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Innokeg CombiKeg Complete keg system
From interior and exterior keg washing to tank farms, maximum functionality and compact design.
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Innoket Roland 40
Tailored to meet the requirements of craft brewers and companies in the food and non-food sectors it has many possible applications and is easy to operate.
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KHS Innoket Neo KL cold glue labeling station
Body, shoulder, neck and back labels in many different formats are efficiently and reliably applied to your containers.
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Combined packaging system for primary and secondary packaging

Flexible primary and secondary packaging of your cans and glass and PET bottles, space-saving.
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The finest craft beer for Wisconsin!

In New Glarus, Wisconsin, “America’s Little Switzerland”, Deb and Dan Carey have been making their own beer for many years. Flexible solutions from KHS ensure that both the bestsellers and various seasonal brews find their way to the consumers in a variety of packaging.

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Don’t lose your head: Chopfab craft beer

In 2012 two Swiss entrepreneurs Philipp Bucher and Jörg Schönberg spotted the worldwide trend for craft beer, promptly and successfully positioning themselves on the national Swiss scene. In order to meet demand and also establish themselves in the hospitality trade, they opted for the compact yet powerful Innokeg CombiKeg from KHS.

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Small brewery, big impact

Who says work can't be fun? Nearly 30 years ago, Russ Klisch, owner of Lakefront Brewery, turned his hobby into his profession. Now people drink his award-winning beer in 34 US states as well as in Australia, Japan and South Korea!

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