Innokeg X keg washing and filling module

Space-saving and efficient washing and filling of up to 25 returnable kegs per hour on a single module – perfect for fillers of craft beer and small batches.

Innokeg X keg washing and filling module

Good to know

The Innokeg X is a semiautomatic washing and filling module for returnable kegs holding up to 58 liters. The space-saving module can process up to 25 returnable kegs an hour and is thus not only suitable for smaller fillers of craft beer but also for medium and large breweries who offer seasonal or event-related beers in small batches. The module takes up just 1.8 square meters of space and scores with its lower cost of investment compared to that for larger machines.

The new multiple processing head is particularly efficient. It cuts down on the amount of time needed and reduces wear on the fittings and the filling and tap valves. Instead of two heads – one for cleaning and one for racking – the Innokeg X only requires one that performs both functions in a single step.

Well thought out

The consistent hygienic design is equally convincing with its slightly sloped surfaces that facilitate the runoff of liquids. In addition, the cylindrical tank with no corners or edges is especially easy to clean. A lower table height, an eye-level operator panel and easy access to all valves make for extremely ergonomic operation.

With the Innokeg X you are also perfectly set up for the future, for the machine can be flexibly expanded to include up to four modules: a preparation platform for the next kegs, a keg slide that enables the full barrels weighing more than 60 kilograms to easily slide onto the pallet and customizable media preparation packages.

Two in one

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Two in one

The Innokeg X module from KHS washes and racks kegs in just one operating step. This saves time, money and space – especially for craft brewers.

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  • Simpler keg handling thanks to the multiple processing head
  • Very small footprint of less than two square meters
  • Good access to the media valves


  • Minimal product loss and media consumption
  • Cleaning caustic heated by electricity only without the need for steam
  • Flexible addition of extra modules (up to a total of four Innokeg X)

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