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Growing can market: Coca-Cola European Partners invests in two KHS lines

For years KHS has been a reliable partner for can filling and packaging to the biggest beverage factory in Europe,…

Nature MultiPack™ from KHS: sustainable packaging system now also suitable for the high-performance range

Sustainable, consumer friendly and gentle on resources: Nature MultiPack™ from KHS combines beverage containers…

A block system for the future

Tempo Beverages invests in new PET line from KHS

EU tethered caps directive: KHS provides holistic advice on possible measures and line adaptations

The EU directive on tethered caps stipulates that from July 2024 caps must be firmly attached to non-returnable PET…

Growth market for sensitive products: KHS provides numerous innovations for system solutions

It is often a combination of small things that have a big impact, as is the case when filling sensitive beverages…

A multitude of packaging options: KHS presents flexible packer for cans

Whether wrap-around packs, trays, pads, paper or film, imagination knows no bounds when packaging beverage cans on…

Robotics: 25 years of reliable palletizing technology from KHS

KHS has been using robots successfully for 25 years, especially in the packaging and palletizing sections of its…

On the spot: Big Bottling Company invests in a powerful PET line from KHS

A young company in Nigeria with plans for growth has opted for KHS for its new PET line. The Dortmund systems…

Bottling plant relocation: brewery Eder & Heylandˢ relies on KHS

From historic town center to fields of green: Bavarian brewery Eder & Heylandˢ recently moved its bottling shop…

Strong presence: KHS in the growth region of Africa and the Middle East

KHS provides quality made in Germany and local service teams on the African continent and in the Middle East. In…

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