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KHS Group publishes its fourth voluntary sustainability report

The new KHS sustainability report has been published under the title of Global responsibility – acting reliably and…

Sustainable partnership: KHS and Eckes-Granini launch bottles made of 100% rPET

Eckes-Granini is making its packaging portfolio even more environmentally friendly with the help of the KHS Group.…

Extended mandatory deposit approved: KHS provides systems for the closed recycling loop

It comes as no surprise to learn that the majority of parliamentarians in Germany’s Bundestag have now finally…

Environmentally-friendly alternative to plastic: new KHS machine processes can toppers made of cardboard

The packaging is user friendly, the material kind to the environment, the machine powerful: the KHS Group’s…

Long-term investment: KHS and Martens strengthen their partnership

KHS and Martens are continuing to pursue their mutual strategy of reducing packaging materials. Only last year the…

High-tech in the mountains - Armenian water bottler A&M Rare procures two lines from KHS

A&M Rare’s new, ultramodern bottling plant seems almost surreal in its Armenian mountain setting. This is a place…

Closing the recycling loop: KHS packers now also process shrink film made of 100% recyclate

Day after day, valuable plastics are lost from the recycling loop. At the same time, the demand for…

Growing can market: Coca-Cola European Partners invests in two KHS lines

For years KHS has been a reliable partner for can filling and packaging to the biggest beverage factory in Europe,…

Nature MultiPack™ from KHS: sustainable packaging system now also suitable for the high-performance range

Sustainable, consumer friendly and gentle on resources: Nature MultiPack™ from KHS combines beverage containers…

A block system for the future

Tempo Beverages invests in new PET line from KHS

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