Innopro CX carbonator

Innopro CX carbonator

Precision carbonation of your beverages

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Our Innopro CX carbonating system provides you with plenty of support when adding carbon dioxide to your beverages. From water and wine through carbonated soft drinks (CSD) and sparkling wine to cider and juice, our system carbonates your products reliably and safely inline. Thanks to the integrated, enlarged carbonation range of the Innopro CX, CO2 doses of 0.5–10 g/liter are easily possible – and this at filling capacities of up to 74,000 liters an hour.

Well thought out

The circulation carbonation and recipe-controlled buffer tank pressure of our system help you to achieve excellent CO2 bonding in the product, thus ensuring consistent product quality throughout the entire process. According to the motto "Product first – all CO2 goes in", when carbonating with the Innopro CX you can apply CO2 to your product without loss and without consuming any additional CO2.


  • Excellent CO2 bonding thanks to practical circulation carbonation
  • Large carbonation range of 0.5 to 10 g/liter ensures good production efficiency
  • Consistent product quality thanks to the product-specific recipe memory


  • Save on resources with the fully automatic Innopro CX
  • Minimize your CO2 consumption with the recipe-controlled buffer tank pressure
  • Carbonate large quantities of product in a small space thanks to the compact system design

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