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"From the heart and from here" – Moritz Fiege and KHS

The successful Moritz Fiege private brewery in Bochum is as much part of the Ruhr as gasometers and fervent soccer fans. The family business has been making beer for the local area for four generations – and for decades has been using innovative technology from KHS.

In 1878 company founder Moritz Fiege and his son Johann laid the foundations of the successful family firm in Bochum, Germany. The final breakthrough came in 1926 when Johann Fiege‘s son Moritz had the brewery‘s first pilsner brewed, then an unfamiliar style of beer. Moritz Fiege Pils became a top company seller, henceforth establishing the enterprise as one of the biggest breweries in the Ruhr region.

The private brewery still modestly limits its sales to the Ruhr yet has managed to steadily boost its success, in part thanks to its production of select specialty beers, such as the dark Schwarzbier or Leichter Moritz, a light style of beer. Another success factor is the exceptionally high quality of its beers, in which major partner KHS and its innovative technology have been instrumental for many decades. By investing in the latest Innofill Glass DRS-ZMS filler series Fiege again recently managed to enhance its quality even further and thus secure itself yet another competitive advantage. The system‘s optimized hygienic design considerably reduces cleaning times. The higher line availability, low oxygen pickup in the product and resulting high beer quality are further definite pluses of this innovative filling system for glass bottles.

Private brewery Moritz Fiege‘s close ties to the Ruhr region are also demonstrated by the family business‘s commitment to social causes. In 1978 the Ökumenisches Altenzentrum Kaiseraue was opened in Bochum, a ecumenical center for the elderly, and in 2003 the brewery began awarding its Bierkutschermütze or drayman‘s cap to persons of merit from the local area. Fiege also sponsors a great number of sports and arts events, such as Fiege Kino Open Air, an open-air cinema festival which draws thousands of visitors.

Moritz Fiege from Bochum and KHS from Dortmund – two strong companies from and for the Ruhr! 

Private brewery Moritz Fiege

  • 1878: brewery founded in Bochum; started out as a public house in 1736 with a brewery tavern later added
  • 1926: Fiege starts making pilsner; Moritz Fiege Pils becomes a top seller in the Ruhr region
  • Sales: 135,000 hectoliters per year
  • Products: pilsner (70% of total sales), shandy, Gründer (an export), Bernstein, dark Schwarzbier, Altbier, wheat beer, Leichter Moritz (a light beer), Frei (without alcohol) and a Schwarzbier and cola mix
  • Containers: 80% bottles (98% of which are 0.33 and 0.5-liter clip-lock bottles), 20% kegs
  • Market: the Ruhr region (almost exclusively)

Website Moritz Fiege

The Innofill Glass DRS-ZMS bottle filler – the five main benefits

  • Maximum hygiene and quality: hygienic design criteria for maximum standards of hygiene
  • Optimum performance: multiple evacuation ensures excellent technological values
  • High availability: fill level measurement by probe and central fill level adjustment
  • Maximum flexibility: modular design for simple expansions and modifications
  • Maximum efficiency: significantly reduced consumption of water and CO2

„Thanks to the wealth of positive experience we've had, KHS technology has long been a major factor for us.“

Hugo Fiege (joint owner of Privatbrauerei Moritz Fiege)