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The pilsner legend with a future

By investing in forward-looking filling and packaging technology from KHS traditional Wernesgrüner Brewery has set the course for its continuing success.

Wernesgrüner Brewery from Saxony in Germany is proud of its traditional history and good reputation which it primarily owes to its consistent demand for quality. Over the years this has earned the company the honorable nickname of „pilsner legend“ in its native region, one of the ‚new‘ federal states in what was East Germany.

The brewery also has high expectations of its partners, which is why Wernesgrüner has been relying on the expertise of KHS for many years. A further chapter in this successful partnership was marked by the brewery investing in a new KHS filling system in 2012.

In doing so, Wernesgrüner greatly benefited from the specialist advice of the experts at KHS. A virtual 3D presentation of all components on the line also helped the customer to rest assured that it had made the right decision.

Wernesgrüner was one of the first breweries in the world to install the KHS Innofill Glass DRS-ZMS filler series. The line fills and packs up to 50,000 glass bottles per hour, with very low oxygen pickup in the product assuring perfect beer quality in the bottle.

The company is not only concerned with efficiency but also the issue of sustainability in production. Here, too, the new system is something of a trendsetter; at Wernesgrüner the total efficiency of the primary energy used is over 85%, as opposed to the customary yield in the trade of about 45%. With cutting-edge filling technology and sustainable energy concepts the success story of this traditional brewery is sure to continue – and carry on growing despite a generally declining market. 


  • One of the oldest breweries in the world (founded 1436)
  • Awarded a gold medal at the Great Industrial Exposition in Berlin in 1896, Wernesgrüner becomes the beer of the upper classes
  • Since 2002 the brewery has been part of the Bitburger Brewery Group
  • Its top quality, the result of a brewing tradition carefully upheld for many centuries, earns Wernesgrüner great esteem and a reputation as a pilsner legend
  • Annual output: 750,000 hectoliters per year, mostly sold in eastern and central Germany

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The KHS Innofill Glass DRS-ZMS bottle filler – the five main benefits

  • The high-performance filler fills and packs up to 50,000 glass bottles per hour
  • Low oxygen pickup in the product for perfect beer quality in the bottle
  • Multiple evacuation ensures excellent technological values
  • Warm filling at up to 16°C prevents condensation on bottles
  • Modular design for maximum flexibility

„A total efficiency of the primary energy used of over 85%: you can imagine just how much interest this system is generating in the brewing sector.“

Dr. Marc Kusche, managing director of Wernesgrüner Brewery