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Bottles & Shapes™ container design

Holistic consulting expertise of your containers made of PET, glass or cans with the focus on the entire production process.

With our holistic Bottles & ShapesTM program, we will join you exactly at this point and accompany you throughout the entire process of bottle design - from clarification of the ideas through development and production up to and including presentation at the point of sale.


Benefit from our fully developed technology: Produce resource-conserving and cost-saving high-quality PET products with individual bottle designs.

  • Considerable cost savings thanks to minimized material usage
  • Low consumption of raw materials improves your ecobalance sustainability
  • Production capacities of up to 2,500 bottles per hour and cavity
  • Production of 0.1- to 3.0-liter bottles made of PET, R-PET, HDPE, and PE
  • With over 40 years of experience in stretch blow molding and plastics technology, optimization is our core competence
  • New developments readied for market, such as the world's lightest 0.5-liter screw cap PET bottle for heavily carbonated soft drinks weighing just 9.9 grams
  • Innovative and practical design studies, such as the extremely light 0.5-liter PET bottle for still water which weighs only 5 grams


Present your brand optimally by uniquely combining bottle design and functionality to not only create a high recognition value but also stand out clearly among your competitors.

  • Development of individual and unique bottle designs that are specifically tailored to your brand and directly take into account the technical parameters of your line
  • Complete packaging systems from one source
  • Comprehensive advice and support during the entire process ranging from the initial idea through production to the point of sale
  • Optimum synchronization of packaging and line production
  • Our years of experience in the development of high-quality PET containers assure maximum product quality

Each product development begins with an idea - this also applies to individual PET bottles that are designed to meet the requirements of their content. Frequently, however, the concepts and requirements are vague: for example, the bottle design is to accommodate the "look & feel" of the target group; the brand message must be conveyed as vividly as possible; the bottles should fit comfortably the hand and be as lightweight as possible and processible on existing lines; cost-effectiveness and sustainability are welcome.

With our comprehensive "Bottles & ShapesTM" program, we will join you exactly at this point and accompany you throughout the entire process of bottle design - from clarification of the ideas through development and production up to and including presentation at the point of sale. A special aspect: thanks to our comprehensive consulting expertise and more than forty years of expertise in the field of PET lines, you can rest assured that the entire project is in competent hands at all times.

On the one hand we have our eye on the entire process; on the other we focus our specific attention to the important details, from which you greatly profit. In this way we place our extensive experience as a pioneer in lightweighting at your disposal, for example. We have developed the lightest 0.5-liter PET bottle with a screw cap for highly carbonated beverages which weighs just 9.9 grams. This innovation has been supplemented by our most recent design study: the lightest 0.5-liter PET bottle for still water currently available on the market weighing just 5 grams. Its innovative design is perfectly adapted to suit the required load, enabling huge material savings with the best possible stability. This results in fewer CO2 emissions which in turn meets the growing demand of consumers for ecologically sustainable packaging. In addition this innovative approach has a positive effect on the costs of production as about 70% of the manufacturing costs are attributable to the materials used.

Numerous aspects play a role in the development of the ideal bottle design: The PET bottle not only has to satisfy the desired individual aesthetics requirements, but also has to consider the psychological and brand-specific aspects in addition to fulfilling many demands for functionality and economy. Ultimately, the requirements are to be implemented as efficiently and inexpensively as possible and at the same time satisfy the requirement for top quality. Our unique and comprehensive Bottles & ShapesTM Line service offers you all this and more. Our goal is to offer you a sustainable, cost-effective, flexible, and reliably producing beverage bottling line.

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„We make sure that your initial idea becomes a marketable container which fully suits your customers.“

Claudia Schulte, self-employed packaging designer

Regardless of whether you are a new or regular customer, we place our entire expert knowledge at your disposal and make sure that your initial concept is turned into a container which is exactly right for you. Thanks to our line expertise and a system solution that is tailored to your requirements, production is always cost-efficient, flexible and fast. Accelerated format conversions ensure that you can introduce new products smoothly and thus profit from a high level of production reliability. Our turnkey system offers you integrated capacity planning from order entry to commissioning.

In order to be able to act in such a holistic way, we take all economic, ecological and functional aspects into account at every stage of development – and not just during the production of the actual container but throughout the entire process chain. Benefit from our comprehensive service which incorporates all relevant aspects from the initial idea to the point of sale.

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