Innokeg Multibloc F keg filler

Innokeg Multibloc F keg filler

Microbiologically safe filling in large cans

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The Innokeg Multibloc F is a fully automatic large-can filler which can be incorporated into any of your system concepts without difficulty. A maximum of 7 independently operating filling stations achieve a production capacity of up to 700 containers/h. The spectrum here ranges from 3- to 5-l cans and party barrels to large bottles. The system capacity can be expanded at will by parallel formation to accommodate your future production growth.

Well thought out

The graphical user interface provides maximum operating convenience and thus enables you to manage your machine easily and directly. Our KHS Innofill DVF volumetric filling system, which is well-established in the bottle-filling sector, enables you to achieve the best filling results. The Multibloc F achieves a high level of microbiological safety thanks to its hygienic design and optimum use of modern, high-quality components.


  • Optimum product quality for up to 700 containers/h thanks to independently operating volumetric filling stations
  • Variable use of the machine for large containers up to 5 liters
  • Parallel formation enables production growth to be flexibly accommodated


  • The filling system provides highest filling quality with lowest O2 pick-up and minimum CO2 loss
  • Long production times are ensured by the quick-to-clean hygienic design
  • Use further machines from the KHS Innokeg product range to increase the sustainability and efficiency of your whole system

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